About the Company and Its Activities

The Education, Culture and Neighborhood Renewal Company in Tel Aviv, established by the Jewish Agency for Israel Ltd. (cc), began operating in 1979. The Company is a public benefit company and a not-for-profit institution.

The Company's shareholders are the United Israel Appeal (which holds 94% of the shares), the Jewish Agency and affiliated entities.

The United Israel Appeal is a subsidiary owned by the Jewish Federations of North America, which is one of the main organizations associated with the Jewish Agency.

The Company has widespread operations throughout the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo, conducted on behalf of the Municipality, the Jewish Agency, the United Israel Appeal, donors and other bodies. Those operations include managing about 150 institutions and programs in the fields of education, culture, society, community, youth work, sports and recreation, whose scope is broad and substantial.

The Company is also engaged in large-scale construction and maintenance works on behalf of the Municipality, donors and various agencies.

All of the Company's activities are carried out for the wellbeing of the residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Chairman of the Board: Adv. Danny Biran

Director General: Mr. Eyal Frankel

Annual turnover:

2012 – around NIS 259 million (based on audited financial statements)

2013 – around NIS 276 million (based on audited financial statements)

2014 – around NIS 282 million (based on audited financial statements)

2015 – around NIS 320 million (based on audited financial statements)

2016 – around NIS 359 million (based on audited financial statements)

2017 – around NIS 413 million (based on audited financial statements)

About one of half of the Company's income is self-generated (from participation in its activities, user fees, etc.).

The Company's staff:

The Company has about 2,700 employees. Approximately 50 of them work at the Company's head office, whereas the remaining employees work at facilities run by the Company throughout the city (some work full-time and others work part-time or on a seasonal basis).

The Company's head office:

Is located in YadEliyahu, 55A YigalAlon St., Tel Aviv

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